Local Habbo Helpdesks

Welcome on the page for Local Habbo Helpdesks that made by users from each Habbo hotels. Find below more information about the room owner, description, roomlink and more.

interested to future YOUR active Habbo Helpdesk? Make sure to contact us RIGHT NOW! and follow the steps.

  1. Setup a wired message : to advertise our website/social media account
  2. Submit a request
  3. Provide us the roomlink / room name.
  4. And you’re done!

After you have taken action, we will investigate the case further.

Local Habbo Helpdesks below:

USA and UK:

Bikerbabe3 – (HHD) Habbo Help Desk


SrMoonMan – [OCH] Centro de Soporte Habbo


Carboteck – Rainbow Help Center

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