About Habbo Helpers

What are official Habbo Helpers?

If  you have always wanted to play an even bigger role in the Habbo community, this is your chance.  As a  Habbo Helper you will lend other Habbos a hand by  instructing them on how to do things in and around the hotel or giving them a guided tour.

How do I become a Habbo Helper?

There is no selection process, anyone can be a Habbo Helper, but you have to be consistent and work hard at it. On your way to becoming a first class Habbo Helper there are quests to embark on, tasks to complete and badges to achieve. Start by checking your current Talent Progress on the landing page (the very first page that you see when you enter the hotel).  Here you´ll find out what it takes to move up the skills ladder to Habbo Helper stardom.

How do I help new Habbos?

You will receive a help request which you will want to accept  and then answer whatever question the new Habbo might have. New Habbos will also ask for a guided tour to get started in the hotel. So you can put your solid knowledge about all things Habbo to good use and show newbies around.

bron: help.Habbo.com