Habbo Guardian System disabled in ALL hotels!

Dear Habbo’s.

Today (24th of April) Habbo announced today, they have disabled the guardian system

according back in 2018, we spoke Habbo Customer Service, if there was any plans to Update the Talent track. They said: “At the moment we don’t have any plans.”

This is not the first time the tool has been suspended: On April 2nd, the tool was temporarily suspended in due to technical problems. According to theΒ news in Spanish, technicians would work to restore the tool to normalcy as soon as possible, but after three weeks the tool remains disabled. Today, Sulake decided to permanently discontinue the tool in all hotels. And also in December 2018, the Helpers and Guardians tools were also temporarily disabled on H/T:!

The reason why it has been disabled in ALL hotels, is that some Guardians have been misusing the feature. because of this, Sulake/Habbo have felt forced to discontinue the tool. Ofcourse we want to thank all Helpers/guardians who has using the tool correctly!

Habbo/SulakeΒ will work hard to develop a new Guardians Program in the near future. (We believe it is coming very soon back!)


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