This March Habbo Basement Band

This March Habbo Basement Band


Today marks the release of our brand new set of basement band instruments! This month is all about making music – now you have access to the furni you need to set up a band.


As part of a wardrobe refresh we also have a spromo_band19_genselection of new clothing arriving in Habbo. While some of the items are regular and permanent additions to the clothing section of the Catalogue, we also have several rare ones.


Classic rare collectors will be pleased to know that we are releasing two new versions of classic rares: the Rose Pink Parasol and the Rose Pink Smoke Machine. Keep an eye on the hotel view to ensure you don’t miss out on these two items!

Last (but certainly not least) we have the Bonnie Blonde Mobile. This will be hitting the stores sometime this month. Stay tuned for more information!


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