Habbo & Adobe Flash Player in.. 2020?

Habbo & Adobe Flash Player in.. 2020?

Hi there Habbo’s,

So if you know… Adobe Flash Player will leave us in 2020, but what happens to our loyal game from our childhood? You will read it all in this article. So read on dear habbos!


WaltzMatilda – Community manager (during interview with .com fansite)
“First we have to solve the problem of Flash, so perhaps Habbo itself will be updated more? I think the core remains the same as what it is now. ”

Habbo has already made a technological change that went unnoticed
Many users expect that after the end of Flash the technology for Habbo will be changed to HTML5 or Unity or even other modern game environments. However, Habbo has already made a re-planning attempt with the mobile version launched in 2013, running under AIR technology and not using Flash, although some of the code is identical to the desktop version. For this they had to be approached one by one gradually, as happened with the change from Shockwave to Flash in 2009.

After the end of Flash, Adobe states that it will use its efforts to improve AIR.
Although AIR is lower in performance than compared to other options, Adobe has indicated that they intend to increase efforts in this technology to increase to integrate new functions that will improve the properties of the applications in the coming years.

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habbo speaks about flash player and plans about 2020

Rapand and waltzmatilda about habbo 2020.png

Now that the game engine will change, this will be one of the biggest changes in Habbo history ever. The change will happen between two totally different platforms.
The last platform change we saw was in 2009 (Habbo Beta) when the transition went to Adobes Shockwave flash.

Just like in 2009, the interface will also clean up and improve the interface, as well as a number of new functions such as AR technology using mobile applications.

We expect that soon there will soon be more news from Sulake itself, and the first tests will happen.


Among the planned improvements are:
* 64-bit support.
* DirectX11 support for AIR in desktop applications.
* Increased memory limit GPU textures.
* Resolution improvements for AIR desktop applications.
* GPU rendered mode for AIR desktop.
* Updated support for iOS11 and Android O.

As you can see, most improvements will go to the version of AIR for desktop, as well as the support they currently have for iOS and Android. Anyway, the ability to play from the browser as we did / did so far would be unlikely, because it would not be strange that Habbo should launch an executable file on the desktop (such as runescape, second life, …)


Puhekupla speaks about Habbo's flashplayer.png


Keep a eye out for any updates habbo’s! if we know more about it.. You will ofcourse read it on our website. If you know something about it.. and you think we have to add it to this article or share it. Please let us know via Twitter, instagram or mail!!


One thought on “Habbo & Adobe Flash Player in.. 2020?

  1. I figured Sulake would take the same shortcuts as they did with the Habbo mobile app – using Adobe AIR technology, which allows them to package pre-existing code into native applications on various operating systems. Unfortunately, Adobe is transitioning ongoing platform support and feature development of AIR to HARMAN. This will coincide with an Adobe-issued update of AIR, v32, for supported mobile and desktop platforms. Adobe will provide basic security support – limited to security fixes only for desktop platforms (Windows 7 and above, and Mac OS X) – for Adobe AIR v32 until the end of 2020. After that time, Adobe support for AIR will be discontinued and ongoing support will be managed by HARMAN and communicated by them directly.

    Sulake should create a brand new JavaScript client or use Haxe instead of using software that Adobe will no longer support after 2020. How long will it be before HARMAN decides to no longer support Adobe AIR? When Virtual Magic Kingdom was open, it used a Shockwave client. The developers of MyVMK, a fan recreation, were able to create a JavaScript client so that people could continue to play the game.

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