January in Habbo


Some of our most popular bundles are making their way back to the Catalogue this month – and a few have even had BRAND NEW exclusive furni added to them!

We’ve also got a selection of classic rares arriving in some hotel catalogues and a gorgeous, brand new rare female hairstyle getting a release. Keep your eye on the hotel view!



– Forgotten Attic Bundle (w/ exclusive NEW Lazy Day Hammock)
– Titan Spacecraft Bundle (w/ exclusive Faulty Warp Drive, Spacecraft Door and Toxic Head Hugger)
– Elf Hangout Bundle (w/ exclusive Elven Rocking Chair and Elven Bed)
– Habbo forces HQ Bundle (w/ exclusive Habbo Forces Sign)
– Day of the Dead Bundle (w/ exclusive Sacrificial Altar Bed)
– Viking Fleet Bundle (w/ 2x exclusive Blacksmith’s Huts)
– Twisted Castle Bundle (w/ exclusive NEW Twisted Frog)
– Big Habbo Hospital Bundle (w/ exclusive NEW Big Old Drinks Machine)
– Smuggler’s Hideout Bundle (w/ exclusive Smuggler’s Lookout)
– Creepy Dressing Room Bundle (w/ exclusive Vanity Mirror)
– Desert Oasis Bundle (w/ exclusive Imperial Scorpion)
– Rattlesnake River Bundle (w/ exclusive Milk Can)
– Superhero Smuggler’s Bundle (w/ exclusive Superheroes in Love poster)
– See you in the Hotel!

-Habbo Staff



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