This Habboween: Infected Laboratory

This Habboween: Infected Laboratory


Government experiments are going awfully and horrifically wrong and the residents of Habbo are paying the price. This month, investigate shady government agencies, deal with hordes of murderous toys and earn fabulous prizes along the way!


Crafting is back this Habboween! A selection of furni and clothing items will be cleanable using special ingredients and the Tainted Washing Machine crafting table.

NOTE: While both the Tainted Washing Machine and boxes of 101 Washing Powder will be available from the Catalogue, Super Strength Bleach will not. You can complete the six official games we have organised to obtain the bleach (a secondary crafting ingredient). You’ll earn one bottle of it for completing the first game, two for the second game, three for the third game and so on – adding up to 21 bottles of bleach! There will also be an opportunity to fast track your crafting achievement and pick up a bigger batch of Super Strength Bleach early on in October – keep an eye out for further announcements in game and on social media.

Use the below graphic to see which items and clothing are cleanable and which ingredients you need to clean them:



Infected Laboratory Bundle
Testing Facility Bundle
80s Living Room Bundle
Habbocalypse Bundle (w/ exclusive Haunted Phone Booth)


Antique Chemistry Set
Axe to the Head (clothing item)
Vampire Grimace (clothing item)
Cyber the Cyborg Dog
Toby (limited edition black cat)


Bron: Habbo.COM


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