Watch out for BOTNETS?

Watch out for BOTNETS?

What is botnet and how does it spread?

Botnets are networks of computers that are infected with a virus or other software without the knowledge of their owner and are misused by third parties. Botnets are used for sending spam and performing cyber attacks. More info below

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How do I protect my computer against a botnet?Spromo_botnet_safety

Of course you do not want your computer to become part of a botnet . Your computer can become slow and your computer also helps criminals to perform cyber attacks, for example.

Virus scan and update tool

a virus scan To ensure that your computer is virus-free, it is wise to run a virus scan. Always ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the virus scanner so that the latest threats are recognized when scanning.

utility In the overview below, click the name of the tool you are using to install the latest version. By clicking on the link you will be directed to the website of the tool. Updates improve security and also offer new functionalities. 

TIP:  Do you find it difficult to figure out which tools you all have? Via the website of Mozilla, for example, you can check a number of plug-ins for updates at once. This is called a ‘plug-in control’. Go to the Mozilla website for  a plug-in check *.

* By clicking on the links, you will be sent to the website in the link. The link automatically opens in a new tab


How do I find out if my computer is part of a botnet?

You will not notice much if your computer has become part of a botnet as a result of a virus or other botnet software. Because this software does not cause too much trouble on your computer. But it is quite common: 5 to 10% of the computers in the Netherlands are part of a botnet.

Use an online scanner

It is possible that your internet service provider sees through your IP address that your computer is part of a botnet and informs you about it. You can also take action yourself by investigating whether there is malicious software on your computer. You can do this with an online scanner. 

Free online scanner
You can use the following two free virus scanners:

Note: a free online scanner is not a waterproof replacement for a paid virus scanner that you install on your computer.

Security of your provider
With a security package you can provide extra security. It may be that a security package with a virus scanner is included in the subscription with your internet provider. So it is worthwhile to inquire about it or to read it on your provider’s website (ONLY FOR the NETHERLANDS:

Looking for more scanners or safety products? 
If you are looking for more online scanners or safety products, take a look at  the website *. Here you will find, among other things, the EU cleaner that is generally made available by the German government. This means that anyone outside of Germany can use this tool for free.

* By clicking on the links, you will be sent to the website in the link. The link automatically opens in a new tab




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