A new CEO for Sulake & Habbo Staff Changes

A new CEO for Sulake & Habbo Staff Changes

Hi Habbo’s!

Last month there have been changes to the HABBO staff team worldwide here and there. Since July 2018, employees of Sulake have signed an Orange Games contract instead of Elisa Oy. This is because Orange Games has recently been the new owner of Sulake after the purchase of the majority shares of Sulake.

This has also had consequences here and there. As you know, there are worldwide administrative staff available for the 9 hotels.

This French Habbo Staff took leave of Habbo on 31 July 2018. As we have already reported, Orange Games holding B.V bought more than half of the shares in May of this year for 3.0 million euros, by acquiring Habbo and Hotel Hideaway. It was confirmed that she will continue to work in one of the companies owned by Elisa (minority shareholder of Sulake). As a result, she cannot continue working for Habbo.

In The Finnish hotel there will be good news. Last year, at the end of September 2017, she announced her departure at Habbo. At the moment it is not yet clear whether it is temporarily returning to help in the Finnish hotel, or that it remains permanent in the Finnish hotel. Furthermore, the account Hattarakakku is also from her, this is registered at the English hotel. She is besides her function in Habbo Finland, also a backup staff for


Finally, the Portuguese hotel continues to look forward to the possible return of Ladypimenta, a Habbo Staff who temporarily stopped working for Habbo. Through a statement she published a year ago, she announced her return roughly to this date. If this happens, SrHoshi can return to the Spanish hotel, where he now temporarily assists in the Portuguese hotel

New CEO: Vatekaru

Early this year, we announced the arrival of Liisa P., as new CEO of Sulake. Behind the scenes, she ensured stability at Sulake, the Hotel Hideaway was officially released, and took over from Orange Games. So she has some positive projects behind her name. Since Liisa P. Originally works for the company Elisa, she also want to continue to focus for that company, which makes it no longer a CEO for Sulake.
The good news is that Vatekaru has now received a promotion to CEO. Vatekaru we find ourselves a very good choice. Vatekaru is one of the staff members longest in service at Sulake, and has an unfinished Habbo knowledge. This man has experienced almost the early years of HABBO and therefore also projects like Hobba, Habbox, Snowstorm, Battle Ball, the old public spaces, in short he knows exactly what has been found in Habbo. Orange Games also announced the acquisition of Sulake to bring Habbo back to the top, and with this choice we assume that one really want a CEO who knows exactly Habbo from inside and out. It has been years since there was another CEO at the helm who had full knowledge about the company Sulake and Habbo. Vatekaru registered his first account on Habbo on 2 February 2005 at the English and Finnish hotel, but has accounts worldwide. Vatekaru has since 3 February 2005 an account on Habbo NL/BE.




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