6 years anniversary – Habbo Helpers Programme

6 years anniversary – Habbo Helpers Programme

Wooo Hooo! Party at our desk here on Habbo Hotel.. Our Habbo Helpers are 6 years old.. The Programme started at 2012, 6th of june. a big reason for a big party located in .COM community!

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What’s coming next?

Well. First of all, we want to invite you for a party room! There is no party if we dont have a room right? Starting on 12PM – BST, 10th of june. 


**Check here your local time for the party time!**


There will be games & prizes ofcourse.. It is important that you are in the room for exclusive games/prizes to win!

Ofcourse we will also do some ReTweet contest on our Twitter page.
Please make much tweets as you want with “#HH6Years” & “#HabboHelpers

Get involving THIS SUNDAY! It’s all about the PARTY! WOOOP WOOOP!


Special thanks to Habbo Help Desk (HHD) located in
For supporting us! 


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