Habbo Tokyo Crafting (update)

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landing.view.tokyo18plushies.body=Use these plushies with the Toolbot crafting table to create brand new Tokyo-themed clothing items!
landing.view.tokyo18plushies.button=See the plushies!
landing.view.tokyo18plushies.header=RARE Plushies for sale!

landing.view.tokyo18plushy.body=Contained inside these Gacha Machines are 1 of 10 different Tokyo plushies. Craft them together to make different items of clothing using the Toolbot!
landing.view.tokyo18plushy.button=Get a Gacha Machine!
landing.view.tokyo18plushy.header=Gacha Machines Available NOW!

Note: Probably this Gacha Machine will not come to Habbo NL/BE and Habbo France because of the legislation that these countries do not allow “lucky boxes”. The user must know what he/she is purchasing. As with the chests of Coral Kingdom campaign, they will probably get packs again.


tokyo_c18_toy1 – tokyo_c18_toy10 
(crafting items)

Craft Tokyo Clothing



Bron: HabboFever.be

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