This Month: Coral Kingdom

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Habbos! Great news: today is the launch of a mind-blowing new furni line. We spromo_coralking18_gencalled it Coral Kingdom! While the new clothing is permanent, the furni won’t be so make sure you pick up what you want while you can. We’ve listed what is being released below.


We’re releasing two different types of chest at several different points this month. Each time, both types will be available for exactly 24 hours from the Catalogue. The Coral Kingdom Chests contain four different items, and there is an (albeit small) chance of obtaining one of the uncommon or rare items from them as well as three normal ones. The Magic Coral Kingdom Chests also contain four items. However, they are guaranteed to contain one rare or uncommon item, and as a result are more expensive.

Below is a breakdown of the items that come from each chest:



  • Underwater House Bundle
  • Mermaid Lagoon Bundle
  • Sunken Ship Bundle
  • Treasure Cave Bundle


  • Sea Turtle
  • Diver Helmet
  • Seahorse Mask
  • Coral Kingdom Vanity Mirror

So, put your diving gear on and get exploring!

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